Dr. Michael D. Dichoso
was voted
Best Podiatrist of the Region
in Northwest Indiana!

Dr. Dichoso provides comprehensive care and treatment for an array of foot and ankle ailments. Chronic problems can cause increasing discomfort, potentially resulting in permanent issues in the future. If you or a family memeber have any of these common conditions, give us a call to set up an appointment.

Warts Plantar Fasciitis
Fungus Feet (Tinea Pedis) Ankle Fractures
Fungus Toenails Achilles Tendon Ruptures
Bunion Pain Tendonitis
Hammertoe Pain Ankle Arthritis
Heel Spur Pain Flat Feet
Diabetic Ulcers/Sores Tailors Bunions
Neuroma Numbness in Feet
Ankle Instability Ingrown Toenails
Ganglion Cysts or Soft Tissue Masses Fractures of the Foot
Heel Pain in Children Orthotic Management
Infections of the Foot/Ankle Foot/Ankle Sprain
Corns and Calluses